Jo Brand is one of those comedians who is side-splittingly funny in a seemingly effortless way. Her deadpan delivery belays the hard work behind it, meaning it’s almost like her on-point observations about life are just spur-of-the-moment gags.

If you’re familiar with her work, then you already know this. And if you’re not, then you’re about to get one hell of an introduction.

With a beautiful swish, she shut down a panel on UK TV show Have I Got News For You when her fellow panellist made light of sexual harassment.

She was the only woman on the panel, and they were discussing the recent reports of inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment by British politicians. (A couple have resigned and a few others are under investigations; it’s a whole thing.)

“Some of this is not high-level crime, is it,” said fellow panellist Ian Hislop, about a Tory MP who takes his personal trainer to the cinema and private rooms.

“If I could just say, as the only representative of the female gender here today, I know it’s not ‘high-level’,” responded Jo. “But it doesn’t have to be high-level for women to feel under siege in somewhere like the House of Commons.”

“Actually, for women, if you’re constantly being harassed, even in a small way, that builds up and wears you down,” she continued, to a huge applause.

Brand’s clean shut down is being praised across social media.

Honestly, get this woman onto Q&A stat. I might even start watching again.