Sheldon Cooper Himself Was The One Who Courageously Killed ‘Big Bang Theory’

Rejoice! Rejoice! Big Bang Theory, the awfully unfunny show about nerds your mum inexplicably loves for some reason, will wrap up after its 12th season. A report in Entertainment Weekly today strongly implies that CBS axed it because star Jim Parsons – who plays uber-loser Sheldon Cooper, the guy who says “Bazinga!” – was sick of it.

I mean, you have to assume he was thoroughly sick of it, given he was being paid an eye-watering $1 million per episode to appear in it. I would do basically anything for that money. Unspeakable things, above and beyond appearing in a shitty sitcom. I refuse to discuss specifics. Bazinga.

Maybe because he dropped out terrible and not funny, and he has passed the baton to Iain Armitage for the baffling spinoff Young Sheldon. He must have really been over it, considering CBS were apparently trying to court him for two more seasons, paid out at a massive $50 million. Here’s EW:

But Parsons was ready to say goodbye to the ensemble sitcom that made him a household name. Since there is no show without Dr. Sheldon Cooper, next spring’s 12th season finale of The Big Bang Theory will mark the end of the longest-running multi-camera series in TV history.

Not going to pretend we’ll miss it.