Jessica Alba’s Hot Calendar Shot By Mario Testino

“The calendar is not that great but people love Jessica Alba.” That’s how this story got described to me. I’m sure many men and probably a few women will disagree with the statement above.

There are only 9,999 copies of the Jessica Alba’s 2009 Calendar for Campari shot by Mario Testino – raaaaaareeee. You probably won’t even own one, unless you’ve got a snazzy ebay sniper that is… Hence here’s Jan-Dec.

“I’m usually walking around in comfy clothes, with a baby on my arm, and it’s nice to dress things up and feel sophisticated, sexy and surronded by so much beauty.” Nawwwww is Jessica Alba not the cutest mum on planet Earth?

She was so much cooler in the Secret World of Alex Mack.

I still can’t work out why everyone is releasing calendars all of sudden….

See the pics here