Jennifer Lawrence is Single Again – What Are You Even Waiting For?

Much like champagne-scented vomit at a prestigious awards show after party, Jennifer Lawrence has just purged herself of boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, seemingly for good this time. You may now proceed with those idle daydreams of consoling your fantasy BFF with ice cream and romantic comedies and telling her she was too good for him, and/or refining your plan to lock that down, depending on your preference.

The couple, who have been dating on and off since 2011, have called it quits several times before, although this time it seems as if maybe it’s going to stick. NY Daily News speculate that their respective schedules were too much to handle. This past week, Lawrence was in Los Angeles shooting a Vanity Fair cover while Hoult was in Tokyo working on a new film, Equals.

Gossip blogs being what they are, Hoult has already been linked to several other women. He recently took his Equals co-star Kristen Stewart out for lunch in Tokyo, meaning that they almost definitely went back to his hotel for full sex after. He was also spotted chatting to Magic Mike star Riley Keough at a party in New York last week, so by any reasonable estimation, they must be engaged.

Celebrity Fix claim that Hoult’s desire to stay out of the spotlight and Lawrence’s “exploded ego” drove the pair apart. J-Law loves attention, Hoult prefers to keep it low key and just kind of hang. Lawrence craves the bright lights of Los Angeles, while Hoult feels more at home in the rainy old U.K. It was never meant to be.

Anyway, the real takeaway from this is that Jennifer Lawrence is now single, and you probably have, like, a five-minute window of opportunity before she starts dating a hedge fund billionaire or previously-undiscovered Hemsworth brother, so snap to it.

Photo: Mike Coppola via Getty Images