Jen Shah Is Back Filming Housewives After Her Fraud Arrest & I’m Excited Because I Love Mess

Jen Shah

Jen Shah of The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City is back to filming the show after her arrest for fraud, and honestly, this is the kind of content I CRAVE. The upcoming second season is going to be such a delightful shitshow, I literally cannot wait.

US Magazine confirmed the news this week, with a source close to the production saying “she’s definitely back to filming with the cast.” Given that her arrest allegedly took place while on the way to a ski trip with the girls, it’s safe to say the topic will come up.

We’re not done here, though, not by a long shot, because you’d better believe that Jen Shah is being very extra about all of this. The 47-year-old took to her Instagram stories this week to thank her supporters, saying “true friends will be by your side through it all.”

She also wrote:

“Thank you to those of you who … have shown my family and I real friendship, unconditional love & true loyalty during this difficult time. Thank you for not judging me and not believing everything you read online. I asked Allah to show me who my real friends are and he has.”

She captioned the post #ShahSquad #ShahStrong and #JusticeForJenShah, because of course she did those things.

She has also asked the judge presiding over her case to push her next hearing back to June because, much like the majestic ski slopes of Utah, the mountain of evidence in her case is so large that her lawyers need extra time to go through it all.

Her team said:

“[We] have worked diligently to familiarize ourselves with a very complex case involving a related indictment that was tried, more than two dozen defendants between both cases, and, most significantly a tremendous volume of discovery materials … The discovery, in this case, adds up to more than 277 gigabytes of data, which could well number a million pages or more of documents.”

That’s a lot of pages of documents. Like, real Clueless levels. That’ll definitey take some time.

In case you somehow missed it, Shah and her assistant Stuart Smith were recently arrested and charged with  charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering in relation to an alleged “wide-ranging telemarketing scheme.”

Per a press release from the US Department of Justice:

“Shah and Smith flaunted their lavish lifestyle to the public as a symbol of their ‘success.’ In reality, they allegedly built their opulent lifestyle at the expense of vulnerable, often elderly, working-class people. As alleged, disturbingly, Shah and Smith objectified their very real human victims as ‘leads’ to be bought and sold, offering their personal information for sale to other members of their fraud ring.”