We Took Screenshots Of Every Meme-Worthy Face Jeff Goldblum Makes In His New Show

Jeff Goldblum screenshots

It’s Jeff Goldblum‘s world and we’re all just…well, watching it on his new show, it seems.

The World According To Jeff Goldblum hit Disney+ after it went live back in November, and viewers were reminded all over again why the internet froths them some Jeffy G – his many, many facial expressions.

The Nat Geo series follows our Lord & Saviour as he explores a number of topics he knows nothing about. No really, he did as little research as possible so that he, along with the rest of us, were properly schooled on niche topics like tattoos, ice cream, denim and gaming.

But, more importantly, the eight-part series gave us a plethora of uniquely Goldblum expressions.

Come, let me walk you through a few of the most meme-worthy expressions I stumbled upon.

Episode 1: Sneakers

That sly, all-knowing look is only one that Jeff Goldblum himself can emulate.

At a glance, you wouldn’t be able to tell if he’s just told you he knows the nuclear weapon codes, or the meaning of life, or where you lost your wallet – but you definitely wouldn’t guess it’s about sneakers.

The beauty of the ‘Blum.

Episode 2: Ice Cream

The ‘Blum looking at ice cream is perhaps the most wholesome photo to come out of 2019.

You’d think ol’ mate has never eaten an ice cream in his entire life, so, without context, you’d be shocked to learn he devours the dairy dessert on the reg.

Episode 3: Tattoos

I mean, the look of intrigue and confusion on Jeff’s face when he’s explaining how an app can be used to construct tattoos is really, truly, all of us.

I don’t get apps either, Jeff.

Episode 4: Denim

Let us all be as content as the ‘Blum being sandwiched between two racks of vintage denim.

Unless…is he smelling the denim? Some people dig that sort of thing, so I guess you can’t rule it out.

Sniff on Jeff, you absolute legend.

Episode 5: BBQ

If this ain’t the ‘Let me get this straight…’ look that every mum has given you when you’re lying through your teeth, I don’t know what is.

I’m feeling uncomfortably intimidated and I haven’t even lied to him…yet.

Episode 6: Gaming

You guys Jeff Goldblum is holding a sword. I repeat, Jeff Goldblum is holding a sword.

Pack ‘er up boys, we’ve found my next screensaver, phone background, wallpaper, keyring – you name it, I’m whacking this photo on it.

Season 1 of The World According To Jeff Goldblum is streaming on Disney+ now.