Jason Bateman, Marc Jacobs Explore The Terrors Of The Internet In ‘Disconnect’

The Internet is the worst, which is perhaps why Academy Award-nominated director Henry Alex Rubin (Muderball) decided to make a movie about just how bad it is, our incessant interconnectedness to everyone all the time and the lack of actual communication that arises from our now terminal state of constant contact.

Bearded everyman Jason Bateman and bespectacled fine-boned human specimen Aleksander Skarsgård lead an impressive cast that also features the film acting debut of Marc Jacobs (previously of Fashions, South Park) who plays a cyber-pimp and one of the perpetrators of a list of Internet crimes that the film explores, including catfishing (#relevant), identity fraud, cyber bullying, impulse online shopping and statutory rape via webcam/IRL. 
The trailer promises a terse thriller with dramatic inter-titles and serious music; it also uses the Facebook message chime to great effect, creating a chilling impression that someone, somewhere is messaging you right now (from the basement) in a tab that you didn’t even know you left open. Disconnect also stars the guy from the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and the lank-haired horny youth from Crazy, Stupid, Love
It looks a bit like Crash (“every cause has an effect”) meets The Social Network (in a grungy chat room, that promises love in exchange for your debit card details and a sexy photo) and will open in theatres come April.
Now go change your passwords.