Jason Bateman Apologises After Trainwreck ‘Arrested Development’ Interview

Arrested Development star Jason Bateman has apologised for strenuously defending co-star Jeffrey Tambor during a cast interview with the New York Times, despite Jessica Walter, another co-star, expressing her severe distress over Tambor’s prior verbal abuse.

Taking to Twitter following a significant backlash, Bateman said he did not condone Tambor’s past behaviour in the interview. However, he apologised for voicing comments that “completely underestimated” the obvious emotional toll Tambor’s outburst had on Walter.

During the New York Times interview, Walter, on the verge of tears, said “in like almost 60 years of working, I’ve never had anybody yell at me like that on a set.”

In response, Bateman said “what we do for a living is not normal, and therefore the process is not normal sometimes, and to expect it to be normal is to not understand what happens on set.”

Bateman, along with male co-stars Will Arnett, Tony Hale, and David Cross, have all faced criticism for not challenging Tambor’s behaviour in the interview, or for appearing to contextualise it as the unintended consequence of a long, strained, and complex creative process.

Only Alia Shawkat voiced her opposition to that line of thought, saying “that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.

“And the point is that things are changing, and people need to respect each other differently.”

The interview has challenged public perception of the beloved show, which will debut its fifth season on May 30.