A Drag Race Queen Came Out As Trans On The Show And The Clip Will Leave Your Makeup Running

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RuPaul’s Drag Race star Jasmine Kennedie has come out as a transwoman during a tear-jerking moment on the show. The scene has been celebrated online as a wonderful moment of queer and trans joy, particularly for young queer people who are struggling to come to terms with their trans, non-binary or non-conforming gender identity.

Deja Skye asked the group in Saturday’s episode of Untucked whether they had considered transitioning during the COVID-19 pandemic. It sparked an amazing conversation about transness and the different ways people express their nonconforming gender identity.

Bosco explained that people misgendered her with he/him pronouns in her customer service retail day job. But her drag persona allowed her to experience gender euphoria. She was unable to experience that feeling as often as the pandemic hit because of its impact on the live entertainment industry.

She identified as non-binary when the show was filmed but came out on social media earlier this month as an open transwoman.

drag race jasmine kennedie comes out
Bosco said that people misgender her with he/him pronouns in her customer service job. Her drag persona is a way for her to experience gender euphoria.

22-year-old Jasmine Kennedie then began crying and revealed that she was about to go on hormone treatment before she left to compete on the show. She had struggled with accepting her transness but felt inspired to come out after getting to know Kerri Colby, one of the Black openly transwomen competing on the season.

“Seeing how confident she is and who she is just further affirmed what I’ve been feeling my whole life,” she said.

“I definitely do feel I am trans. And I’ve been so scared to say it.

“I have held back from it for so long because I didn’t want to hurt my dad. But I can’t lie about it anymore. I am trans.”

“After this, I am going to start therapy and I’m going to start hormones. And I’m going to get to the place where I want to be,” she added.

drag race jasmine kennedie
Jasmine Kennedie came out as a transwoman in Saturday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Untucked.

Kerri then reassured Jasmine about her trans journey and told her that everything she needs to be the woman she wants to be is within her.

“And the energy you need, you hold in yourself,” Kerri said as she held Jasmine’s hand.

“You don’t have to look outside yourself to find that. The woman that you are is housed within you.

“The fact you had the strength to bring that forward is the affirmation that you were needing to push yourself into the person you’re going to be.

“When you know what you need, go and get that. You owe it to yourself to be happy and to live your life as the human being that you want to be.”

It was an incredible scene. But it was also incredible to see a conversation like it on TV. It was a moment that meant a lot to both trans and gender-nonconforming people as well as those who are struggling with coming to turn with their trans and non-binary identity.

Jasmine Kennedie said in a statement shared when the episode aired that she was eternally grateful to Kerri Colby and her partner for helping her during her coming-out period. She now identifies outside of drag as Kyle.

“Thank you Kerri Colby for making me feel comfortable to talk about my identity. If it wasn’t for you, I probably would have never come out.

“Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for accepting me and loving me regardless of my gender.”

Drag Race stans and members of the LGBTQIA+ community welcomed Jasmine’s announcement. Several celebrated it as an example of trans excellence as well as celebrated the four transwomen competing this season. They include Jasmine, Kerri and Bosco as well as Kornbread ‘The Snack’ Jeté.

Here were some of the best and most wholesome tweets about Jasmine’s coming out.

You can catch the scene as well as the rest of the series on Stan.