James Franco Slams Australian Classifications Board

Human conceptual art project James Franco has donned his most serious Hawaiian t-shirt and called out the Archaic Australian Classifications Board over their recent decision to ban independent drama movie I Want Your Love, a film deemed just way too gay and sexual for the Australian viewing public.

The project, helmed by Travis Mathews who Franco co-directed S&M club film Interior. Leather. Bar. with, was banned from screening at two Australian film festivals whose audiences you’d think could handle it – the Melbourne Queer Film Festival and Brisbane Queer Film Festival – due to “indecent” sex scenes between gay men.

“This is such a disappointment to me and just seems really silly,” Franco said. “And frankly adults should be able to choose. They’re not going in blind.
I don’t know why in this day and age, something like this, a film that
is using sex not for titillation but to talk about being human, is
being banned. It’s just embarrassing.”

Meanwhile, Antichrist was totally cool.

Take note filmmakers: penetration is fine as long as a vagina is involved.