Ja Rule Gets Out Of Prison, Makes Movie About Being A Criminal

Rapper and fading mid-naughties blip on the cultural radar Ja Rule has just gotten out of jail, and landed a film role – about a guy who’s trying to stay out of jail.

Ja (fake first name basis, whatever), who has previously appeared in action titles like The Fast And The Furious, Assault On Precinct 13 and Steven Seagal‘s titling masterpiece Half Past Dead, stars in I’m In Love With A Church Girl, playing a high-level drug dealer who has to leave his Scarface-esque past behind to win the affections of a church-going young lady.

Ja Rule
broke the Ja Rules, getting nabbed with two years in jail in 2011 for illegal gun possession and then getting hit with an addition 28 months for tax evasion on over $3 million in earnings during his peak Livin’ It Up years, which was to be served concurrently with his existing sentence. Ja was released early from prison on May 7th of this year, and did what any self-respecting rapper would do – he capitalised on the shit out of it, releasing a track called Fresh Out Da Pen in September.

The film is released in October, and from the trailer looks so many different kinds of awful that I couldn’t be more compelled to go and see it.

Via news.com.au