50 Cent, King Of Petty, Claims He Bought 200 Ja Rule Tix So The Gig Is Empty

50 Cent has allegedly reignited one of rap’s pettiest beefs by purchasing 200 front-row tickets to an upcoming Ja Rule show, just so they can stay empty – and Ja has responded with some comments of his own.

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In a now-deleted Instagram post from over the weekend, 50 Cent claimed to have dropped serious coin on tickets to the upcoming November 9 gig for the express purpose of ruining the vibe at his rival’s show.

He followed that insanely disrespectful claim by posting a Photoshopped image of what he imagines the Arlington, Texas show will look like. We mean, just peep the suited Fifty on this one:

This memey post followed:

Ja Rule has responded on social media, saying he’s stoked on annoying his longtime rival.

He then went ahead and posted some flagrantly homophobic and transphobic imagery, which is decidedly less funny than securing an entire block of tickets out of sheer pettiness.

The alleged ticket-buying stunt comes after nearly two decades of ire between the pair, which stems from their days as up-and-coming rappers in Queens, New York City. 

Altercations between Ja Rule and 50 Cent, and their respective groups Murder Inc. and G-Unit, have included alleged stabbings, jewellery thefts, countless diss tracks, and a maelstrom of Twitter insults.

Check back in a fortnight to see if Fifty’s expensive act of trolling actually comes to fruition.