Is Victoria’s Secret Just For Role-Play S1uts?

Hey Victoria’s Secret what’s with your consistently god-awful taste in lingerie and assumption that all breasted folk wanna do is faff about in hideous embellished sateen crap purpose-built for sexual role play? The images below are from the Victoria’s Secret “Sexy Little Fantasies” line which comes in styles like the airline hostess, the french maid, and the sexy sailor – and so they are kinda purposefully sluttish; but let’s face it, the majority of what VS manufactures is straight up ridiculous. The only person who can seriously pull it off is Heidi Klum because of her devil may care joie de vivre, married-to-Sealness and killer legs. On the bright side Halloween sluts are going to be super pumped. And I mean that in both ways.

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Title Image by Dimtrios Kambouris via Getty