Inspired By Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson’s trademark cinematic style is easy to appreciate and even easier to replicate, a fact not lost on Directors starved for inspiration. The recipe is simple enough – equal parts nostalgia, symmetric blocking, over-stylized set design, a dash of Futura font and a potentially perilous flirtation with caricature.

With that in mind we’d like to share our favourite Wes Anderson inspired videos starting with this faux Wes Anderson Film Festival advert made by students Alex Cornell and Phil Mills.

Wes Anderson Trailer from Alex Cornell on Vimeo.

Next up is the Rushmore channeling video for “Oscar Wilde” the debut clip from Chicago three-piece Company of Thieves.

Even Wes rips himself off for American Express…

And finally Tenenbaum Fail collates the ridiculous amount of Wes Anderson inspired Halloween costumes floating around the internet and makes anyone who has dressed up as Steve Zissou feel lame and unoriginal.