Inside The Oscar Statuette Care Booklet That Had Leo Completely Baffled

One thing’s for sure: life pre-Oscar win sure is simpler.
Once you’ve been handed that golden statuette, as was Leonardo DiCaprio after a decades-long quest, the burden of responsibility hits you like a ten-tonne track.
Old mate wasn’t at all prepared, despite having fkn ages to wrap his head around what winning an Oscar might entail: as we reported yesterday, he got so munt-daddy after the awards that he came this close to leaving his ‘Best Actor’ gong at a restaurant. 
And earlier, at the Governors Ball, he was completely baffled by the statuette engraving process and learning that his Oscar isn’t going to maintain itself – that he’ll actually have to take certain steps to keep it in primo condition.
In an awesomely human moment, Leo was caught on camera asking one of the Academy’s resident engravers: “Do you do this every year? I wouldn’t know.” 
After she was done carving ‘King Of The World’ on his nameplate (jks but imagine), the engraver handed Leo a special care booklet detailing how to keep his new trophy shiny and chrome.
Confused, Leo asks: “I have to take care of it? I have to maintain it? What does it need?”
So what’s actually inside that instruction booklet? How much work goes into maintaining that fucker?
Winners are advised to clean the statuette – which is cast in bronze and coated with 24k gold – by dissolving half a teaspoon of liquid dish soap in a cup of warm water.
Then they’re to “gently wipe the surface using the soap solution and a soft microfiber cloth” to remove dust and any traces of dirt or rust.

“It lasts forever and doesn’t require maintenance,” the care guide assures Leo et al.
*much maintenance. 
Photo: Getty / Kevork Djansezian.