A Bunch Of The Best ‘Infinity War’ Interviews By V Exhausted Actors

By now, you must all know a little something-something by the name of Avengers: Infinity War is out right about now. People are crying, screaming, laughing, and crying some more as our most beloved Avengers battle Thanos. And even though people can’t stop talking about the movie, something has to be said about the amount of interviews the actors have been doing. And not just interviews, but game segments too which includes getting poked and prodded for our viewing pleasure. Ah, actor perks.

But finally, for the sake of the extremely exhausted cast, the press tour has wrapped.

So in honour of our fave Avengers, here’s a batch of the best Infinity War pressers and interviews… just in case you haven’t seen the film yet and need spoiler-less Avengers content or you just wanna soak up the glory.

Also props to all the interviewers and shows who’ve come up with the most elaborate shit to shake things up.

Benedict Is Bloody Tired

He still goes with it though.

Benedict Cops A Fright

Ellen loves to scare her guest. That is all.

Skip ahead to 3:34 for the goodness.

A Marvel Family Feud

To ’round up the cast in one space on one day with all their insane scheduling earns a very big round of applause.

Jesus Christ

Jimmy Fallon doing more Jimmy Fallon stuff. But as it turns out, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Benedict, and Chadwick can seriously sing.

Tom Holland And Puppies

‘Cos you all need this in  your life.

“Know Your Chris”

I mean, it looks fun.

The Avengers Try Korean Food

Honestly, I don’t even know but it’s food and the Avengers and it’s actually a really solid interview.

Surprising Fans

Yeah, these aren’t interviews but heck they’re cute.


Christ, Chris Hemsworth is attractive.

The Avengers Take The Ultimate Marvel Quiz

Quiz given by IGN, of course.

The Pornstache

This is a normal interview but Chris Evans has a pornstache and he loves it. He looks like a cop off Orange is the New Black. 

On a tangent here but I did not realise these two were related?



“The Men Of “Avengers: Infinity War” Compare Themselves To Different Meats – CONAN on TBS” is the literal video title and it’s random AF. And no, there’s nothing sexual about this – the men literally just talk about what kind of meat they would be… until Anthony Mackie decides to be a shit again.

Tag yourself, I’m uncomfortable Conan.

If you haven’t watched Infinity Wars yet, stay safe on Youtube because there are an insane amount of spoilers up already.

Also, if you’re super keen on a review sans spoiler, aggressively click HERE.