J.Lo Is 100% That Bitch In The First Full Trailer For Strip-Club Heist Film ‘Hustlers’

The hotly-anticipated film debut of Lizzo and Cardi B is almost with us, but we’ve just copped a sneaky peek with the first trailer for Hustlers, a strip club-based heist movie where a bunch of dancers swindle wealthy men out of oodles of dollars, and Jennifer Lopez is absolutely the mastermind behind it all.

[jwplayer O0KbHrGv]

Based on the true story depicted in The Hustlers At Scores by Jessica Pressler, and published by New York Mag and The Cut back in 2015, the movie follows a group of women working at a club that’s popular among rich bougie Wall St suits.

Realising that these men have an incredible disposable income and little regard for all the people they trod on to get to the top, J.Lo – flanked by Lizzo, Cardi B, Constance WuLilli ReinhartStormi Maya, and Keke Palmer (from who I can see so far) figures out a plan to essentially run these blokes for all their they’re worth, and then some.

Julia Stiles looks to be playing a counsellor or psychologist role, talking with Constance Wu’s character Destiny after the shit gloriously hits the fan.

My favourite bit of trivia about this flick is that J.Lo took actual pole dancing classes (which is obvious from her crash course lesson at the start) and she visited her local club with her fiancé to do some recon work on how a club actually functions in real life. I love it. I love it SO much.

Check out the full trailer for Hustlers below, feel deeply inspired to damn the man entirely, and get Cardi B’s ‘Money‘ stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

Hustlers drops in cinemas in September, get your finest faux furs and diamanté-encrusted pleasers ready.