Hunger Games Theme Park Confirmed

If you’ve ever wondered just how well you’d fare in The Hunger Games, we’ve got news for you – soon you’ll be able to find out. Whilst they might not be serving poisonous berries on the menu (but hey you can get them from Nana’s right here in Aus) a Dubai based theme park with Hunger Games rides has been confirmed for opening in October 2016.

The theme park, which will have various Hollywood themed zones, has also announced a ‘Step Up’ live stage show. So, you know, you can pretend its 2006 and that movie series is still cool.

Details at the moment are thin on the ground, so fans are left to conjecture on which of the death-defying feats of Hunger Games we can expect to be included. Perhaps a roller coaster through District 12, or a Wet’n’Wild style ride based on the Hunger Games 2’s terrifying water scenes. One inclusion that has been announced however is a Hunger Games retail facility stocked up with Mockingjay merchandise.

The irony of a movie based on the fight against consumerism having such successful merchandising hasn’t been lost on everybody. Katey Rich, Vanity Fair’s Hollywood editor has commented that Hunger Games has certainly been “keeping quiet about its origins as a cautionary tale about a consumerist culture that indulged in entertainment while allowing the poorest among them to suffer horribly.”

The editor continued on to say that Dubai, known for its humans right abuses, might share some uncomfortably similar social situations to the blockbuster series.

Ironic or not, the as yet untitled Hunger Games Experience is going forward and we’re sure more than few of you will be willing to volunteer as tribute come October 2016.