Hulk Hogan Awarded $115m Damages Against Gawker For Leaked Sex Tape

Hulk Hogan, real name Terry G. Bollea, has been awarded $115 million in damages against gossip monsters Gawker, after they published his leaked sex tape. 
A Florida jury awarded the damages late Friday afternoon, in an invasion of privacy case, after considering the facts for around six hours. Hogan reportedly wept in the courtroom at the announcement.
Gawker founder Nick Denton, who was named as a defendant in the case, was found personally liable, as was Albert “A.J.” Daulerio, the former editor-in-chief of the site.
The website’s lawyers had argued that, although the content of the video was “distasteful”, its publication was a matter of press freedom; Hogan’s team argued that it was a violation of privacy and not newsworthy.
Gawker has yet to make a statement, but it seems likely there will be an appeal.
Story: BBC News.

Photo: Getty Images Pool.