How Entourage Affected The Most Desirable Women Of 2009 List

It’s fitting that’s annual “99 Most Desirable Women” list finds bookends in two Entourage stars. Jamie-Lynn Sigler (who plays herself) comes in at 99 while Emmanuelle Chriqui, better known as Eric Murphy’s SPOILER ALERT recent fiance SPOILER ALERT Sloan, comes in at number one. It’s fitting because guys who watch Entourage are the exact demographic a “most desirable women” list should appeal to and by some serendipitous fluke Sigler and Chriqui find 98 other women between them.

The list was compiled after “readers around the world cast over six million votes to rank the women who best represent their qualities of the ideal girlfriend or wife”. Is it possible then that Sigler and Chrqui’s diametric positions are a direct result of the characters they play in Entourage? The most recent season of the boys club Comedy sees Sigler break Turtle’s heart after pursuing an acting role in New Zealand while Sloan, by season’s end, has agreed to be E’s wife (it must also be noted that Sloan is way out of E’s midget league). One character represents “qualities of the ideal girlfriend or wife” while the other is too cold-hearted to try the long distance thing from Middle Earth. Thus their opposing positions on the list.

Of course this could also be explained, simply, by a disparity in their desirability but that wouldn’t be as fun.

Five Aussies also made the list with Miranda Kerr scraping into the top 10, Emily Scott coming in at 44, Megan Gale at 48, Jennifer Hawkins at 64 and former Entourage cameo star Sophie Monk coming in at number 71.

Check out the top ten below or peep the full list here.

1) Emmanuelle Chriqui
2) Marisa Miller
3) Kate Beckinsale
4) Alessandra Ambrosio
5) Jessica Alba
6) Beyonce
7) Penelope Cruz
8) Cheryl Cole
9) Eva Mendes
10) Miranda Kerr

Title Image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty