Hot Pie From ‘GoT’ Is Selling Direwolf Bread From An Actual IRL Bakery

It might seem kind of terrible that everything anyone does these days has to be reduced to something that can be easily sold in tweet or headline form, but a positive side-effect is that it forces promotional companies to go to extraordinary lengths to bring us exactly the sort of content we want to see.

Wouldn’t it be just so perfect if the dude who played Hot Pie in ‘Game of Thrones‘ had an actual bakery IRL where he made those direwolf pastries? Voila, it’s real. Wouldn’t it be great if it had a wonderful pun for a name? Congratulations, it’s called ‘You Know Nothing, John Dough‘. We did it, simply by wanting it.
Ben Hawkey has been slinging the lupine treats through Deliveroo for the low, low price of £1, which – if my maths is correct – I believe works out to be roughly $25 AUD.
There’s no real indication whether he himself is actually baking every single one of the treats from start to finish and I find that idea to be highly unlikely, but I do love the thought of an actor learning all the requisite skills of a commercial bakery for the sole purposes of a promotional stunt.
Look at him in his bloody chef’s whites:
For the curious, the treats are purportedly “whole wheat cornbread with orange zest“, which definitely sounds like food.
Unfortunately, they’re not delivering the baked goods across the pond (and then also across the other continents you have to cross once you’ve crossed the pond), but we got that Jeff Goldblum thing, so it’s hard to complain.
Photo: Deliveroo.