Cancel whatever the hell you were just doing, and devote your attention to Nintendo’s latest home run in the space of a week: they’re revamping and re-releasing the NES for modern audiences.

Seriously. Honestly. No fooling. I’m finding it difficult to type this information while my hands are trembling so hard, so you best take this information to heart. 

According to Nintendo’s UK site, the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System comes pre-loaded with Super Mario Bros., Metroid, Donkey Kong, Castlevania, The Legend Of Zelda, and oh God, there are so many, this is too perfect.

It releases on November 11, just in time to materialise under Christmas trees worldwide, and it’ll hit stores at US $59.99. Was it first released in the 80s? Yes. Do we know it best from our childhoods in the 90s? You better bloody believe it. 

We’ve hit peak nostalgia, people, and to be honest… it’s not too bloody bad, hey?

Source: Nintendo UK.
Photo: Nintendo UK / Twitter.