Hey Dad! Actor Faces Extradition For Sex Crime Claims

We’ve come to Part 2 in the disturbing Hey Dad! scandal that ranked fifth on the Most popular scandals 2010 poll, according to the ethereal presence known as the Google Zeitgeist.

Robert Hughes, who played Martin Kelley the titular Dad of the series, was arrested in London yesterday following an investigation into allegations he committed sex crimes against children. The investigation was triggered after Kelley’s Hey Dad! costar, Simone Buchanan, appeared on A Current Affair with disturbing claims she had been inappropriately touched by the actor. Soon after the episode went to air, other alleged victims came forward with more charges.

According to reports via The Australian and ABC News, Hughes was granted bail (almost $90,000) but must wear an electronic anklet and stay away from children under the age of 16.

Among the more disturbing details to emerge in court was the allegation Hughes sexually assaulted a girl who was five or six years old at the time. He also allegedly kissed a 15-year old girl and made her touch him through his clothing.

There will be an extradition hearing in mid-September to determine whether Hughes will be brought to Australia and face court.

In light of these revelations it’s probably time to remove the exclamation mark from Hey Dad! officially.