Here’s The Parks & Rec Tribute To Harris Wittels

The finale of Parks & Recreation ended on a sombre note, with the show following through on the planned tribute to sadly departed writer and executive producer Harris Wittels.

As the episode came to a close, extended credits rolled over montage footage of cast outtakes, finishing on a shot of the core cast embracing – a la “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” – whilst “End of the Line” by The Travelling Wilburys played over the top.
And then, after a fade to black, the final frame of the final ever episode faded in.
Simple. Beautiful. And extremely touching.
The remaining Parks writers gathered together to watch the finale together, with Megan Amram echoing the sentiment, tough and painful as it was.

For the record, this was point where the first of many tears happened for me whilst watching the finale. At around 2 minutes and 4 seconds in.

Parks & Recreation was my favourite show. And Harris Wittels was one of my favourite writers.
I love both of them, and I’ll miss them dearly.