Here’s Some Filthy Fat Feeds Best Chef’d Up With Yr Mates

There’s nothing more soul-destroying than when you ask your Mum for something to eat and she tells you to go and have a piece of fruit. It’s like she knows what you want, but takes great delight in knowing you can’t obtain it.

Well, you can finally tell her to get stuffed ‘cos we’ve put together some absolutely FILTHY feeds that’ll hit the spot and you can make them with a group of your besties as well. So sit down, grab a pen and start writing a shopping list because you’ve got some chefin’ to do.


I’m not trying to overexaggerate, but poutine could quite possibly be the greatest meal that anyone has ever invented in the history of time itself. Hailing from Canada, poutine consists of chips, gravy, cheese and if you’re feeling adventurous, bacon. It’s super easy to make, legit just throw chips, gravy and your fave melting cheese together and see what happens. Poutine is the food equivalent of grabbing a tub of ice cream and passing out in front of the TV. Pure comfort.


Idk about you, but since discovering homemade pizza eating one from Domino’s feels like someone’s shoved a tube of grease and lard down my throat and left it running overnight. Making pizza at home is heaps of fun, fairly cheap and you can customise to your heart’s desire. Want a pizza purely consisting of bacon? No worries. Want to have four pizzas, all with triple cheese? You got it. Fancy having a pizza entirely made from pineapple? No, there has to be a line somewhere.

Epic Burrito

Nothing quite hits the spot like a burrito does, except a burrito of epic proportions. The best things about these little sacks of joy is that the only limit is what the actual tortilla can fit, other than that you can stuff some bloody filthy fillings in there. Chorizo and potato, steak with triple guac and chipotle pulled pork are all fantasies that YOU can achieve from home. If you need help getting the juices flowing, have a gander at the behemoth that the fellas from Epic Meal Time were able to create below.

Loaded Mac & Cheese

The great thing about loaded mac and cheese is that you’re already starting on the godly foundation of pasta and cheese, so pretty much anything you decide to add later is gonna kick your feed into overdrive. Consider sprucing things up with some bacon, sour cream and chives, and then throwing some bread crumbs on top to get that delicious golden crunch that we all know and crave.

DIY Sundaes

If you’ve ever rocked up to a function and seen that they’re packing a DIY sundae bar, you might be familiar with the pure euphoria that is encountering one of these bad boys in the wild. Like most of these recipes, a DIY sundae bar is perfect for you and your mates to tear into. Throw some marshmallows, melted chocolate and a swirl of caramel sauce on there and you’re practically Willy Wonka!