Henry Cavill’s Response To ‘Superman’ Drama Is V. Normal & Not At All Odd

Hmm. So, earlier today The Hollywood Reporter busted things wide open with an exclusive report claiming Warner Bros. were parting ways with Henry Cavill, their current Man of Steel, otherwise known as Superman. 

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As per THR‘s sources, Cavill’s Superman might not be needed anytime soon because Warner Bros. reportedly want to concentrate on a Supergirl movie. This sucks for Superman because according to DC lore, he was only a wee lad during Supergirl’s time. Then there are the apparent scheduling conflicts and/or contract drama which kept Cavill from making a cameo in DC’s upcoming Shazam! film starring Zachary Levi. Lastly, there’s also the fact Cavill recently signed on to star in Netflix‘s The Witcher series.

Since this morning’s report, Warner Bros. released an official statement to THR basically saying no decision has been made and the studio’s relationship with Cavill is “great”.

“We have a great relationship and great respect for Henry Cavill that continues to remain unchanged. Additionally we have made no current decisions regarding any upcoming Superman films.”

So, that’s that.

Then, the man himself – Superman – appeared to respond to the fanfare by posting a cryptic and rather strange Instagram video.

In the video Cavill is wearing a “Krypton Lifting Team” shirt, dogs bark the iconic waltz “The Blue Danube” in the background – sometimes used in chaos, other times joy – a figurine of Cavill’s Superman is lifted into frame by the actor as his piercing gaze tears your soul in two. To the beat of the waltz, the figurine disappears back out of frame and the video finishes leaving you with far more questions than answers.

And then there’s the caption: “Today was exciting #Superman”


Rise and fall of Superman? Rise and fall of today’s ~ drama ~? Cavill having a laff? Cavill not very amused by all of this? Superman just really likes dogs? Who knows, anymore.