Netflix’s Heartstopper Is The Adorable Queer Romance The Internet Wished It Had In High School

heartstopper netflix

The internet (including me) has completely fallen in love with Netflix’s adorably wholesome queer teen show Heartstopper.

Hearstopper is a beautiful story based on Alice Oseman‘s hugely popular webcomic of the same name. It follows openly gay nerd Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and rugby player/golden retriever if it were a human Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) as they develop an unlikely friendship at an all-boys school and come to realise it might be something more.

The show premiered this Anzac Day long weekend. And I cried, I awed, I lived, I loved and I laughed.

Charlie and Nick’s love story was everything I wish I had as a kid. For older queers watching it, Heartstopper is a bittersweet tale of what life could have been if people were more accepting of same-sex attraction and LGBTQIA+ identities and experiences at school.

But it’s also just really fkn cute.

The show also follows the lives of Charlie’s other friends at school. That includes his best friends adorably grumpy film buff Tao (William Gao) and Elle (Yasmin Finney). Elle is a trans-female student who moved from Charlie’s school to an all-girls school and is played by an actual trans woman (!!!).

Nick does an “Am I Gay?” quiz when he starts to question his sexuality. He later learns he’s bisexual after he catches himself getting the hots for both Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean. Finally, some incredible bisexual and pansexual representation in a teen show.

The series has been celebrated with open arms by fans and fellow queers alike for the way it captures queer young love, queer discovery and queer friendships.

Heartstopper is a queer show made for and by queer people and I fucking love it,” said one fan in a viral Tweet.

“I’m not even gonna lie[,] Hearstopper is the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” added another viewer.

Others have brought up how perfect the cast is.

Several fans also gushed over the parallels between Charlie and Nick over the season. Charlie tells his sister Tori (Jenny Walser) he wants someone who wants to be with him after his then-not-out-smooching-pal Ben (Sebastian Croft) pretends he doesn’t know him in front of others. Nick later tells Charlie “I like being with you”.

Please. My gay heart can only handle so much cuteness.

Here are some of the other best tweets about the infectiously romantic and adorable vibes of Netflix’s Heartstopper.

You can catch Heartstopper on Netflix. Or watch it for the tenth time since it came out on Friday like me.