Don’t Mean To Alarm You, But HBO Dropped A Sly ‘Game Of Thrones’ S8 Tease

If you managed to miss it among all the Golden Globes news today, HBO did a sweet little sizzle reel for all of its 2019 releases. Which yes, absolutely includes a literal two seconds on Game Of Thrones‘ final season.

[jwplayer fn7BpEh9]

The clip is a very blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kinda deal, but the minute-long clip is jam-packed full of snippets from the new seasons of Game Of Thrones, Big Little LiesWatchmenVeepEuphoriaTrue DetectiveBarry, and a whole stack more.

Seriously, the fact that HBO managed to pack so much in such a short pocket of time has given me whiplash.

But the moment that Daenerys TargaryenJon Snow, and Sansa Stark are together in the North really gets me all jazzed up for the final season. Sansa, with absolutely zero context whatsoever, handing over the ownership of Winterfell to Daenerys? Hook that shit right to my god-damned veins! I yearn for the dragon show. I need it. Sansa calls her “your Grace“! What the fuck!!!!

Anyway, now that I’ve gone and ruined the moment for you, check out the sizzle clip below and make sure you’ve got absolutely no plans for the entirety of April, which is when we’re expecting Game Of Thrones to make its very last journey.