Please Enjoy This Collection Of The Spiciest Royal Wedding Memes

As you may have noticed, crazy kids Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married overnight, and the internet did what the internet does best, commemorating the royal wedding with an absolute carriage-load of GIFs and memes. Here are some of the best ones we found, starting with this one of old mate George Clooney, who was definitely plotting something:

A number of people noticed the resemblance between Pippa Middleton‘s cool and refreshing dress and a popular beverage:

Victoria Beckham also copped a little bit for her dour-yet-chic all-black royal wedding look:

I think this might be either Chelsea Davy or Cressida Bonas, I don’t know, I can’t really tell Harry’s posh ex-girlfriends apart:

One guest had the audacity to rock up in the same outfit that not-Meghan wore when she met not-Harry in the Lifetime movie:

Actually, make that two:

To sum up, yeah, there was a lot of armchair commentary on the royal wedding fashion:

The adorable, gap-toothed kid holding up the train of Meghan’s dress lit up the internet as soon as his beaming smile appeared on camera, and basically threatened to steal the entire show:

The train of Meghan’s dress attracted a lot of attention:

… but yeah, seriously, what the heck were these two talking about, and why was Prince William looking so pleased with himself?

There were plenty of sweet moments between Harry and Meghan through the ceremony itself:

… and also this:


Princess Charlotte and Prince George also proved to be pretty worthy meme fodder throughout the event:

Harry seemed super tense in the lead-up to the wedding, as I guess you would be with a billion or so strangers watching you and commenting on your outfit, but he loosened up a lot after the ceremony:

If last night was a fairy tale wedding, the I guess Meghan Markle is a Disney princess now:

In summary, if you’re not a prince, then GTFO: