HAIM and Taylor Swift Are Holidaying In Hawaii Without You, And It Obviously Looks Amazing

Look, it’s pretty freaking rude for all the HAIM girls and Taylor Swift to be out holidaying together in Hawaii, IMHO, because the following instagram documentation is so utterly flawless in execution that it has rendered me ~literally~ dead. 

RIP, me, the internet hardly knew thee.

Whether Taylor Swift takes out a top place in the Hottest 100 tomorrow is, at this point, anyone’s bet. But really, we all know she is the real winner today, for she is holidaying with HAIM, they are all wearing matching Bill Murray sweatshirts, and it looks superb.

Behold, and weep:

“I try to be available for life to happen to me.” -Bill Murray @haimtheband

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NBD but YES, there is a WHALE.

YES WHALE. @haimtheband

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Do you actually bother to even, at this point?

When we were whale watching and didn’t see whales for 5 minutes and got all moody. @haimtheband

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Este-back ride. @haimtheband

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*internal screaming*

Hiking with the Squad in Hawaii. @haimtheband

Taylor Swift??(@taylorswift)??????? –