Gina Liano Prepares for Battle in Tonight’s ‘Real Housewives Of Melbourne’ Reunion

There’s no question that Gina Liano is the breakout star of Real Housewives Of Melbourne. The barrister-slash-outrageous human disco ball always comes prepared with a stinging put-down and a pair of earrings so enormous and sparkly that they might literally blind you. The show’s surreal and brilliant first season has just wrapped up, and ahead of the reunion special, part one of which airs tonight on Arena, Liano spoke some home truths to If you weren’t terrified of her already, you’ll definitely be trembling before her fairly soon.

Liano was as amazingly on point as ever in the interview, throwing some breathtaking shade at the other cast members, and issuing a series of demands for the second season of the show. Should Real Housewives Of Melbourne be renewed, which seems fairly likely at this point, the star has a couple of ground rules. “I’ve spoken to the production company and said there are certain cast members I don’t want to work with again,” she said curtly. “I probably put it a bit stronger than that, actually, because I think signing them for a second season gives them a license to continue their bad behaviour.” Cough, Andrea, cough.
On the subject of her tremendous popularity, Liano scattered a few crumbs of praise for the members of Team Gina to gratefully devour.  “It’s renewed my faith in the Australian audience to see that they’re so aware of what’s going on,” she said, imperiously. “I’ve virtually had to say nothing on social media — they’ve fought my case all the way.
What seems to have happened with the audience is they’ve seen that I’ve copped enough, and if anyone wants to give me any more, they’ve got no tolerance – they tell people to leave me alone.”  

As for the reunion special itself, Liano huffed and said that it was just like the behaviour she “experienced” at Mission Beach. For the uninitiated, she’s referring to the luxury Queensland getaway where Jackie, Andrea and Lydia gossiped about her incessantly behind her back, leading to a knock-down, drag-out fight at dinner. Liano achieved a flawless victory in said skirmish by pulling out her makeup mirror and utterly ignoring the other Housewives as they screamed across the table at one-another. 

Part one of the Real Housewives Of Melbourne reunion airs at 8.30pm tonight on Arena. Gina coin the phrase “insignificant arse hair” for one of the other Housewives, and features at least one walk-out. That shit’s going to shine shine shine.  

Photo: Caroline McCredie via Getty Images