Gigi Hadid Parodied Melania Trump While Hosting The AMAs & We’re Cringing

One of the biggest supermodels in the world is hosting a music awards night! What? You think that sounds inexplicably boring and probably not the best casting? Uh huh, yeah, same here. 
But look – it’s Gigi Hadid hosting the American Music Awards rn, and she’s well-known for being a model with an excellent personality and a decent sense of humour. 
Maybe it’ll be okay? Turns out, nup.
It’s on as we speak, and one of Gigi‘s first comedy bits was to parody the soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump
A few things wrong with this:
– Are there any jokes about the Trump family actually left to write? There’s been so many. All the jokes must be done by now. No jokes left.
Donald Trump might try to do a murder to you.
Gigi is apparently not scared of bland comedy or getting murder done to her, because she persisted. 
Here’s the end result:

We could try to forgive her on the basis of “Look, it’s her first time doing comedy, and hey, look, at least she did original jokes!”
Well, no – she’s essentially attempting to copy this exact meme which was probably the most viral, shared-around meme during the last days of the US Election:
Which is kind of ironic, since the entire gag is based around Melania plagiarising. 
Everyone’s confused:

Better luck next time Gigi. Your ‘Melania‘ pout will now haunt our dreams forever.
Source: Twitter.