Noah Centineo Will Star In The Reddit Vs Wall Street GameStonks Film Netflix Is Already Making

gamestop movie

Well there it is folks, we’re already getting a movie about GameStop.

Less than a week after GameStop shares skyrocketed as a result of a literal Reddit meme, Netflix is already in talks to turn it into a movie starring Noah Fucking Centineo.

I mean, you truly have to admire the hustle here.

According to Deadline, Netflix is in talks to make the film – currently untitled – with Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty) writing the script and Centineo playing a major role.

The film will reportedly be produced by Brad Weston and Nick Styne, with Mark Sourian serving as an executive producer.

There’s no word yet on what the actual storyline would be, but I can only assume Noah Centineo will play some hot high school footballer-turned-Reddit finance bro who makes bank and turns into the next Jordan Belfort.

If you somehow missed the whole ordeal, you can read our handy explainer here but basically, a bunch of dudes on Reddit wreaked havoc on the stock market, causing hedge funds to lose a cool $70 billion.

It’s a truly wild story and I simply cannot wait to relive all of this madness while staring at Noah Centineo for 90 minutes straight.

Netflix is yet to comment on the project but sources told Deadline that the GameStop situation will be a window into a larger story on how social media – particularly Reddit – has impacted the world as we know it.

As it currently stands, GameStop shares are still selling for approximately $200 each, so the situation is far from over. But you know what they say, the devil works hard but Netflix works harder.