Hodor Actor Accidentally Made ‘GoT’ Fans Think He Dropped A Major Spoiler

Kristian Nairn, bless his heart, had a slip of the tongue the other night that led some ‘Game of Thrones‘ fans to believe he’d let slip a wild spoiler about Cersei and Jaime‘s parentage.

The Hodor actor appeared on Sky Atlantic‘s ‘Thronecast‘ following this week’s episode ‘The Queen’s Justice‘, and accidentally hinted that everyone’s favourite twincest duo were Targaryens, not Lannisters.

Talking about Jaime’s final scene with Lady Olenna, he said:

“I think also with their family history with their father being the Mad King, I think he maybe sees his sister start to descend into something similar.”

Despite the fact that it would be exceedingly weird for Nairn to be privy to spoilers that a) have nothing to do with his character and b) have everything to do with a show that he is no longer part of (sob), it didn’t stop fans thinking that perhaps he’d dropped a huge giant spoiler for seasons to come.

In ‘Game of Thrones’, everything is a spoiler.


In fairness, there is a pretty major fan theory that Tyrion Lannister is in fact a Targaryen and is the ‘third head of the dragon’. (Aerys II Targaryen was infatuated with Tyrion’s mum Joanna Lannister, for starters, plus there’s a whole bunch of other supporting quotes that you can read about HERE.)

Nairn took to Twitter to clear the whole thing up, explaining that he simply misspoke.

Even more bizarre was ‘Thronecast’ host Sue Perkins claiming she simply thought Nairn knew something the rest of them didn’t, in which case, WHY DIDN’T YOU DEMAND ANSWERS.

I’ve never done television, but I assume it’s a totally calm and error-free experience to allow detailed conversations about the genealogical histories of fictional characters.