The ‘GoT’ Azor Ahai Prophecy May Still Be Fulfilled & Christ It’ll Be Brutal If So

All anyone cares about this week (well, month really – until the series ends) are Game Of Thrones theories. There are so, so many of them with plenty having a strong foundation in both the show’s history and the George R.R Martin book series. One of the theories that has fallen to the wayside of late is the Azor Ahai prophecy actually being fulfilled, and how that’ll happen. Now, an idea has resurfaced involving Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow‘s new romance. If this all comes to pass – well, holy shit.

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Gizmodo has written a lengthy piece covering a really spicy theory. To backtrack, the Azor Ahai prophecy is believed by people who follow the Lord of Light. It’s the theory that a legendary hero from back in the day will be reborn.

It’s the story of a legendary hero in Essos who rose up to fight the darkness using a flaming sword named Lightbringer, which Azor created, on the third attempt, by sacrificing his beloved (which possibly turned her into a White Walker).

So this old hero rose up to fight the darkness using a fire sword, that was created because he sacrificed someone he loved. This will come into play later, so don’t forget.

People mused for a long time that Azor Ahai was Jon Snow, because he died and rose again (as Ahai). Then there’s swirling rumours it’s Daenerys, or even Arya Stark since she killed the Night King. But the theory Gizmodo are really into – and the one I feel has the most legs here – is that it’s Jon… but Daenerys will be a key player in how it all comes about.

Basically – remember how Daenerys had that wild vision at the House of Undying in season 2? She saw Khal Drogo and her deceased baby in a freezing landscape, and the Red Keep destroyed while snow fell upon it.

We originally took this to mean that Daenerys was seeing the threat of the Night King and his undead army, promising doom if she ignored it. That’s true, but there’s another way of seeing it: The visions were tempting Daenerys with everything she wanted, including life after death for the people she truly cares about. And it was covered in ice.

Basically, Gizmodo are theorising that after Cersei is defeated the final episodes will be more about the future of Westeros. The natural progression here that is expected is that Jon and Daenerys marry. But… Jon’s Aegon Targaryen. And Dany is not into the fact this guy is the true king of the Seven Kingdoms. Will she concede and allow Jon to rule, or are things going to go to shit.

It’s possible that we could see Daenerys turn against Jon, only to have most of Westeros throw their support and armies behind him, instead of her. Most of her armies were decimated at Winterfell, she doesn’t have nearly enough support in Westeros to rebuild, and Jon has earned the respect of one of her dragons. Daenerys would likely lose that fight. 

Here’s where the Azor Ahai prophecy comes into play. If Dany is defeated in war against Jon and his supporters, she’ll be sentenced to die for treason – as is the Westeros way. If this is how the finale goes, it would also play really nicely into Season 1 Episode 1, where Ned had to behead a traitor in front of his kids.

Luckily for Jon, he’s recently been given a gift. The reforged sword of Ned Stark. It could be crafted with Oathkeeper and Widow’s Wail, if Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister return the swords (or if they die)—or Longclaw could be included, to substitute one of them. That would make it the third iteration of this sword. And remember: Its name is Ice.

This bit confused me a little so let me recap for you – way back, Ned’s sword was melted down and reforged into two swords. So this would be those swords coming together to be turned back into Ned’s sword – the name of which was Ice. This could totally happen – Brienne was fighting for the North, Jaime is totally in a place where he could switch allegiances after fighting alongside these folks in the battle against the dead…

Face-to-face with the woman he loves, Jon finds he cannot behead Daenerys. Instead, he stabs her through the heart. The sword emerges from her chest coated in flames, as Jon brings back Lightbringer through sacrificing his true love. But the magic of the Valyrian steel, combined with Daenerys’ internal fire, has a side effect. It doesn’t just kill her, it transforms her into something else, something…Other. The prophecy of Azor Ahai has been fulfilled, with Lightbringer arriving to stop the darkness, but it has also created the very problem it was designed to save the world from.

Look, it’s a stretch because it’s so so detailed – can we even predict all of these occurrences? And they kind of all have to happen the way the theory plays out. That being said, it certainly ties well with GRRM’s world and original storyline, as well as what’s been happening in the last couple of seasons. Dany is clearly loved by Jon, and there is definitely going to be some tension about the leadership of Westeros now he’s Aegon.

Still, Jon having to kill Dany? And stabbing her in the heart because lopping her head off is too much? Seems a bit… much. Whatever the case I love this theory and all I really care about is reading wild theories about what might happen, because the fantastic thing is we JUST. DON’T. KNOW.