Full Length Trailer For Bond ‘Skyfall’ Revealed

“Bond… James Bond.” Yep that old chestnut does turn up in the trailer for the latest installment of perpetual Bond franchise, Skyfall, with Daniel Craig returning as the eponymous lead. There’s also the requisite Bond movie fare such as the running-on-a-moving-train move, chic sports cars, an evil blond foreigner (played by Javier Bardem with an alarming likeness to Silence Of The Lamb‘s fan of wearing human skin), and droll quips like “everybody needs a hobby” in reference to faking one’s own death. Ho ho!

Dame Judi Dench is back as M, and Ben Whishaw joins the cast as an extremely handsome and foppishly nerdy Q who provides Bond with cool gadgets like a 9mm that runs on Bond’s handprint. It’s standard Bond stuff but should make for a decent popcorn movie. Plus, you know… shirtless Daniel Craig no less than three times in two minutes. For the ladies in the house.