Froth To Boiling Point Over The Latest TV Spots For “Mad Max: Fury Road”

It’s a pretty safe bet to state that there really hasn’t been any movie in recent memory that’s looked as straight-up batshit bonkers as Mad Max: Fury Road does.

The absolutely long overdue fourth instalment in the dystopian series packs just about everything you could ever want to see in a big budget film spectacular into the series of trailers that have been pimping it out over the past few months. Guns. Explosions. Fucked up looking cars. Tom Hardy being handsome. It’s got it all.
And if you were already positively fizzing at the prospect of the film’s release, this pair of new TV spots for the film is sure to fix that and fix it quick.
Along with a brooding, gravelly voiceover from Tom Hardy, whose put-on baritone gravitas is truly fitting of such a sensory overload, we get a whole bunch of new footage, including a look at Charlize Theron‘s character Imperator Furiosa and her gang of women refugees.

Grab a brown paper bag to try and control that hyperventilation, and then mark down May 14th in your calendars, which is when you will be going to your local cinema to have the whole thing pushed into your face.
via Uproxx.