Cheetos Movie ‘Flamin’ Hot’ To Be Directed By Eva Longoria, Yes This Is A Real Headline

Eva Longoria set to direct Flamin' Hot, the Cheetos movie.

Maybe, as perhaps an Australian or otherwise non-American reader, you are unfamiliar with the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto. Allow me to introduce them to you by painting a highly detailed picture using nothing but words: Imagine Cheetos, but spicy. There you go. That’s what they are.

[jwplayer pML42u6g]

Over here, in the comparatively snack-barren wastes of Australia, the Cheeto (Flamin’ Hot) does not hold a lot of sway. It would not seem like a big enough cultural phenomenon to warrant a film about its creation. We are absolutely rubes to think this, apparently, as a film of that very nature is on its way and is set to be directed by none other than Eva Longoria.

As first reported by Deadline, Longoria “beat out multiple directors” to tell the story of Richard Montañez, a janitor at chip giant Frito-Lay who came up with the idea for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and pitched it, quite successfully, to the CEO. Montañez eventually went on to become an executive at Frito-Lay’s parent company. PepsiCo.

Longoria has been directing episodes of TV on and off since 2014, and is currently attached to direct upcoming Universal workplace comedy film 24-7.

Flamin’ Hot will be adapted from a screenplay by Lewis Colick, who has written such films as Ladder 49 and Zac Efron sadness vehicle Charlie St Cloud.