First Reactions To ‘The Last Jedi’ Have Fans Flipping Their Luke-Lovin’ Shit

star wars the last jedi reactions

In case you didn’t know, the much-anticipated penultimate film in the Star Wars series premiered like… just now. The lucky attendees who got to see The Last Jedi nearly a full week before the rest of us plebs have filed out of the cinema in Los Angeles, all apparently with fingers aflutter as they tweet their reactions. The verdict?

It’s fucking great.

As everyone appears to have had the decency to not immediately spoil the flick a lá Homer Simpson, details on plot remain light. What we do know is that, apparently, it’s gonna blow all of our tiny minds. And also make us laugh, which is a nice touch.

And also obviously Lupita Nyong’o looked stunning on the red carpet, which is no surprise and not strictly related to Star Wars reactions but I feel compelled to include her at every opportunity because Hollywood has never seen a better-dressed actress – ANYWAY –

The overall consensus seems to be that director Rian Johnson has absolutely slam-dunked his first go at George Lucas‘s epic universe, and considering that he’s confirmed to be writing and directing a whole ‘nother trilogy set in the same galaxy far, far away, it bodes very well indeed for fans of the Force.

But for now, do your very best to stay away from spoilers, friends – the film is out on Friday December 15, which is less than a week away. The force is with us, and we’re one with the force.