Finn Wolfhard Responds To 27 Y.O. Model Sexualising Him, Calls It “Gross”

finn wolfhard

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard has responded after a model made some wildly inappropriate comments about the 14-year-old actor.

Ali Michael, 27, recently made headlines after tagging the teen in an Instagram story and saying: “Not to be weird but hit me up in 4 years @finnwoldhardofficial.” (She later apologised, saying she was sorry if her post was “upsetting, suggestive and concerning for my audience.”)

Wolfhard was recently approached by – where else? – TMZ at the airport and asked to comment on the story.

“Oh, that was nuts,” he said. “That was gross.”

Looking a little uncomfortable, he added: “That’s good that she apologised. It’s weird, but…” When pressed by the reporter to confirm that he thought it was “weird”, he said: “Yeah, I mean, I don’t know. It’s fine.”

This is Wolfhard’s first official response to the incident, as neither he nor his representatives have commented publicly yet.

It’s reignited the story, with people on Twitter furious that some people would choose to sexualise a teenager.

Others are coming after TMZ for asking Wolfhard to comment on the story in the first place.

Michael’s full apology, published by Teen Vogue, explained that her actions were an ill-thought out joke that was never intended to sexualise the teenager.

You can read her apology in full below.

“On October 30th, I posted an Instagram Story with a photo of Finn Wolfhard who plays “Mike” in Stranger Things asking him to, ‘call me in four years.’

“The general nature of my social media platforms is often one of humour, sarcasm and playful self-deprecation. I often quote, post and publicly respond to music videos, films, documentaries and television shows in a frank and candid manner. The nature of my posts in response to television and media are always tongue-in-cheek and never intended to mislead or upset anyone. In the past, I have asked fictitious characters of films to call me (namely Edward Scissorhands and Simba from The Lion King). In this instance, it has become clear to me that asking a character “to call in four years” and inappropriately tagging the underage actor who plays the character (Mike) was upsetting, suggestive and concerning for my audience.

“It was never my intention (nor has it ever been) to sexualise a minor in any way shape or form. To those I offended or misled, I apologise for a post made in haste and lacking in sensitivity, particularly considering the landscape of the present culture.”