Finn Wolfhard’s ‘Stranger Things’ Side-Project Has Dropped A Hazy New Single

Noted double, nay triple threat (actor, musician, child I want to adopt) Finn Wolfhard is continuing to make the rest of us look bad by kicking goals all over the place. He’s firmly put himself into the ‘slashies’ category by being a successful actor AND a trying his hand at being a muso, with his band Calpurnia.

Good boy Finn plays the guitar and sings in the band, and boy does he have a set of pipes on him that gets him sounding something more like Bob Dylan. Their newest single ‘Louie‘ features a grooving bassline, slide guitars (seriously, Ayla Tesler-Mabe absolutely shreds on the guitar), and the whole thing comes to a crescendo with some sick choir vocals that complement Finn’s slight drawl. Ugh, it’s bliss.

Calpurnia has just announced their debut EP, Scout, out June 15 (but you can pre-order it over here.) If you’re super into warm, summery indie-rock with noodly guitars, you’ll be very into this. Think of music that you can drive around on a warm afternoon to. It’s heading into summer over in the US, so I reckon this will be the soundtrack to a lot of roadtrips and lazy days by the water.

For me, it’s very nice, hazy tunes to wander around on the weekend in the crisp air. It’s got a warmth to it that’ll keep you cosy on those crisp mornings when the sun still has a bit of a bite.

They’ve announced that they’ll be playing Osheaga Festival in Montreal, Canada real soon which is incredible. Two singles, an EP on the way, and they’ve got a festival spot? Huge.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Finn and his mates end up at Coachella in the next couple of years, South By South West at the very least.

Check out ‘Louie’ below, cos I’ve got it on repeat over here.