Feast Your Eyes On These Eight New Clips From The ‘Entourage’ Movie

The Entourage movie, aka Ari Gold Screams At Stuff, aka the thing for which Adrian Grenier thanks his lucky stars every damn day, rolls into cinemas very soon.
In the meantime, the good people behind the film have released eight new clips, giving fans an extended look at the high-stakes ridiculousness to come. 
By the looks of things, Vince is still Ari’s number one boy, as well as the number one pain in his ass, but this time, he’s looking to expand his ‘talents’ into the directing realm.
As well as that, there are appearances from Mark Wahlberg, Ronda Rousey, Pharrell, Haley Joel Osment, Richard Schiff and Judy Greer, as well as some others we may have missed because this thing has a lot of cameos.
Entourage is out in Australia on June 4
via Complex