Farris Badwan Strikes Back At Peaches Geldof

In the relentlessly ongoing saga which is Peaches Geldof’s life a new chapter has been opened. This one’s by Peaches’ ex-boyf, Farris Badwan, who traipses around in Pedestrian’s beloved goth-fop group The Horrors. Clearly jilted by the P-Bomb who married Max Drummey like a week after breaking up with the Horrors main-man, Farris has taken an ever so sly dig at Princess Peach(es) with the theme for his next monthly party at London’s Bungalow 8. Check it.

The invite reads: ‘On September 11 we have a Las Vegas theme – Fear & Loathing surrealism, Shotgun Weddings, Blackjack Dealers, Dead Sweethearts and Elvis.’


We’re waiting with baited breath to hear the next Horrors album which will hopefully include songs like “Fuck You Bitch, I Hate Your Guts”, “Poison Peach”, “Chester Who?” and something about coffins.

Image by: Pierre Suu via Getty