‘Fallen Kingdom’ Trailer Has Fans Realising It’s Basically The OG Sequel

Yes, hello, the second trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was unleashed earlier today and almost instantly, there was a tremor through the Jurassic World. Of course a lot of people have a lot of opinions about this particular film because well, it’s Jurassic Park and so far, the reactions have been pretty good considering the first trailer was shite.

Although, the moment the hype of seeing dinos and Jeff Goldblum momentarily dissolved, fans were quick to point just one tiny thing out.

“Isn’t Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom basically the same plot as The Lost World: Jurassic Park?”


But first, if you haven’t watched the trailer yet, here it is below.

Okay so,

Fallen Kingdom

It’s been a coupla years (four) since the Jurassic World resort was absolutely ripped to shreds by the Indominus Rex who escaped containment. The famed Isla Nublar is now abandoned by humans while the dinosaurs fend for themselves.

Cue Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) who whip up an extraction plan to save the dinos, especially Blue. But this goes all haywire when a mean corporate man tricks them into rescuing the dinosaurs for his own personal gain – that ol’ film plot. Couple this with a whole bunch of new dinosaur species, and a bubbling volanco and you have Fallen Kingdom. 

The Lost World

Our beloved Ian Malcolm (Daddy Goldblum) and a research team head over to Jurassic Park Site B to study dinosaurs when surprise, surprise a mean corporate man in a suit rocks up with the intent to capture dinosaurs for his own personal gain.


If you want a few moments to relive that beauty, here’s the 1997 trailer.

So yes, the two films have quite a few similarities. Is this an ode to the classic or the literal definition of a remake? I don’t know but here’s what Twitter has to say.

Although, some fans are happy with the trailer considering Lost World itself wasn’t exactly a fan favourite… it was shit… shitty-good.





Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom comes out June 22.