Factory Churning Out Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits Called “Sweatshop” By Workers

In the past 12 hours, gossip site after gossip site – your Perez Hiltons and TMZs of the world – have been reporting that employees of the unfortunately named Spatz Labs in California, where Kylie Jenner‘s sold-out Lip Kit is manufactured, are slamming their workplace as a ‘sweat shop’ with ‘products that make them sick’.

The story originated on Radar.com, who claim to have ‘exposed’ these ‘shocking claims’, but in actual fact, the claims themselves have been reviews on jobs website Indeed for months and even years.

They’re pretty damning if true, alleging a dirty work environment, unrealistic expectations, and “to [sic] many alpha female workers”.

No, really.

Note: that review gave it three stars. Okay then. Another, less-glowing review from October 9 2014 gave it a measly two stars and slammed the dirty work environment.

And a third, also from October 2014 (the 7th), gave it just one, and said that while working there the only highlight was taking breaks.

Sure, they’re pretty damning, but they’re also sandwiched between several glowing reviews of Spatz Labs – which, btw, manufacture a whole lot more than just Kylie Jenner’s money-raking lip stuff.

has reached out for Spatz Labs for comment, and – because we’re realists – are keeping an eye on Kylie’s Twitter for her possible statement.

In the meantime, amuse yourself with the recent + bizarrely good (we think?) ad / video clip for the lip-kits, which feature King Kylie putting on lip gloss and rolling cunts. 

Very BBHMM meets Bad Blood, no?

Spatz Labs have responded, saying they were “extremely surprised” to hear about the allegations and offering documents on recent audits and inspections. CEO Mary Beth Siddons said:

“We here at Spatz were extremely surprised by the Radar Online article. These allegations are completely false and fabricated. Spatz Laboratories proactively works to provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees. We have implemented a number of initiatives to insure compliance to not only the law but the standards set forth by cosmetic good manufacturing guidelines. These types of initiatives include but are not limited to safety committees and regularly conducted third party audits. As the business grows we make the proper improvements to support that growth because the health and wellness of our employees is a main priority. ”

Source: Radar.com.

Photo: Kylie Cosmetics.