Exclusive: Watch New Owl Eyes Single “Nightswim”

The clip for title track from Owl Eyes‘ debut record Nightswim will drop tomorrow, but we’re giving you a first look today. 

This warbling piece of synth-pop features Brooke Addamo, the human lady behind the Owl Eyes moniker, and her breathy vocal teeterings. The clip, a mystical hazy pool encounter that mounts with the appropriate tension, is gloriously reminiscent of that scene in Wild Things where Neve Campbell and Denise Richards make out in the pool and it’s all dim fog and tame erotica. 
Check it out:

This debut LP follows three EP’s and a bunch of inclusions in various Triple J‘s Hottest 100 countdowns. Outside of sonic endeavours, Addamo is a fervent campaigner against animal cruelty and factory farming. She’s also unattached and basically testament to being a brilliant member of the female race. 

On the topic of females of such excellence, we’re again putting out an open call for talented  single women with reasons to humbly boast to enter the 2013 Pedestrian.TV Bachelorette of the Year brought to you by the really, really ridiculously looking MINI Ray. Is this you or one of your girlfriends? Nominations go right here, with a trip for two to Japan up for grabs. 

Title image by Stephanie Bailly