Ex-MMA Fighter Live Tweets Police Siege At His House

In what may be one of the more reckless actions ever taken, a former MMA fighter live Tweeted a four-hour standoff with an armed police SWAT team and a helicopter at his California home.
The Sydney Morning Herald report that Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller, was being pursued for outstanding warrants in relation to charges of domestic violence, stalking and violating a court order, when the siege began. 
Police came to his house, and after a brief confrontation on his driveway, he supposedly ran inside and barricaded himself in. Around that point, the Tweets began: 

As the situation escalated, he Tweeted about the growing number of armaments outside his house:

After interacting with a few other Twitter users and demanding his day in court, this happened:
Police say that he subsequently exited the house and surrendered to officers, where he was arrested on his outstanding warrant, and also charged with obstructing police. 
Miller’s criminal history is fairly abhorrent. In August of last year, he was arrested twice on charges of domestic violence – the second attack occurring just days after he was bailed out from the first – and tried on two felony counts of “corporal injury of a spouse.”
In the second of these alleged assaults, which occurred just days after the first, it is alleged that Miller “urinated on” his victim and choked her until she fell to the floor, at which point she was “punched and kicked viciously.”
Miller was previously arrested on suspicion of burglary, after he was found sleeping naked on a couch in a church, and was also arrested for an assault on his sister, although those charges were dropped by the victim.
He is being held on $US200,000 bail, and will appear in court next week. 

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