‘Everybody Dance Now’ Axed To No One’s Surprise

Unfortunately it seems our ideas for saving Everybody Dance Now were offered too late, because we’ve just learned Network Ten’s beleaguered and heavily criticised modern dance talent quest has been axed.

Ten’s CEO James Warburton said “Unfortunately, we didn’t get the Everybody Dance Now format right. Kelly, Jason and Sarah are fantastic presenters. Their professionalism and commitment to Everybody Dance Now was remarkable, and the many talented dancers on the show were amazing. Although we worked with Fremantle Media to reset the program, clearly it has not struck a chord with viewers.”

Ain’t that the truth. From episode one to two the viewer numbers for Everybody Dance Now halved and the critical reception ranged from terrible to terribler. With Ten’s crucial Sunday night lineup left wide open, now the plan is to air repeats of trusted stalwarts like The Simpsons and Modern Family in a desperate bid to regain some ground. But You know who I feel sorry for? The dancers.

Now they’ll be forced to return to the grueling audition process, joined by thousands of other plucky young dancers in jazzercise gear and hearts full of hope – each as talented and willing as the next, desperately competing for that one precious part in a two-bit chorus of a professional company, kick ball change-ing under the watchful eye of handsome but intimidating director named Zach and his loyal assistant Larry…

Via Herald Sun