Emily Blunt Thinks Mary Poppins Is “Creepy”, Is Also Playing Mary Poppins

Today in why Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are adorably amazing, Emily appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to chat about her latest films. Casually balancing two major movies being A Quiet Place and Mary Poppins Returns, Emily casually mentioned how the latter’s character is “creepy” with “sinister” eyes.

Naturally she said next, Disney Lawyers are like NoooOooOooOo.” 

Oh, Emily.

But look, when you think about it you can kind of see what Emily and Stephen are trying to say about the character inspired by a real person.

As Stephen says, “She comes unannounced, she takes over the house, she supplants the ‘father figure’ and then boom she’s outta there.” 

Emily agrees with it and then you can see the moment in her eyes where she’s like, “Oh shit” because then she says, “But I loved doing it… it was just the best. It really was awesome.” 

The audience have a lil’ giggle and everyone loves Emily even more.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Mary Poppins Returns, here it is below.

It’ll be hitting cinemas Christmas 2018. And no, it isn’t exactly a remake. It’s more a reunion between our beloved characters and even Dick Van Dyke is making a comeback, not sure about the crappy Cockney accent though.

Then luckily (or not), the topic shifts into Emily’s wild and slightly concerning childhood where we learn she used to hide her hamster under pillows, pretend the roof was caving in, and dramatically rescue it with all her friends. Okay…

Oh, and then it gets even more interesting because the two start discussing the horror flick, A Quiet Place which is also directed and co-written by John. As a cute little preview, we cut to a scene of Emily’s character trying to silently give birth to a child. Why? Because in that film, you have to stay silent because there’s a bloody terrifying creature that hunts humans by sound.

According to Emily, male crew members were disturbed by the scene on so many levels and women were crossing their legs so if you haven’t already added that movie to your to-watch list, you can totally do so now.

The interview is below so enjoy and warning – I slapped a hand over my eyes during the silent birthing x creature scene because jump scares, jump scares, jump scares. (But I’m also just a wimp.)

A Quiet Place is in cinemas April 5. 

Here’s that trailer below.