‘Please Like Me’ Stars Emily Barclay & Tom Ward Have Borned A Precious Babby

Guys. GUYS. Remember 400 years ago when I wrote this yarn about whether Tom Ward & Emily Barclay, stars of my favourite show everrrr Please Like Me (honestly, Josh Thomas can you just make season after season forever til I die?) were having a baby together?

Turns out my investigative skills were CORRECT. Which isn’t exactly a win bc it was pretty fucking obvious, they just weren’t saying “yes we are having a baby together” outright.

To give you a bit of a background – Tom played Josh‘s best mate (also called Tom) on Please Like Me. Emily played his girlfriend Ella. We don’t know if they dated/are dating/whatever but somewhere along the line they got preggers, announced it without ever entirely confirming they were having a baby TOGETHER, and posted plenty of hilarious Insta Stories relating to the baby.

That precious lil bebe has finally arrived – I’m sad because I’ve really enjoyed Emily’s no-bullshit take on pregnancy, which equal parts terrifies me for my future but also makes me weirdly feel okay about it?? Confusing.

Teddy Ward Barclay (CUUUUTE NAME) is extremely adorable, and is already all over Instagram which is great for me considering I deludedly believe I’m friends with these people in spirit.

Naturally, they’ve taken their no bullshit approach to pregnancy right into parenting.

LOOK AT HIS LITTLE CARDIGAN. I’m not coping, this baby is perfect.

It’s all too bloody cute, isn’t it.